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2012 Marcellus Shale Multi-State Academic Applied Research Conference - May 30-31, Pittsburgh, Pa.

2012 Marcellus Shale Multi-State Research Conference Position Papers, Presentations, Resources

The Second Annual Marcellus Shale Multi-State Academic Research Conference will bring researchers and Extension educators from academic institutions together to identify gaps in current Marcellus-related research; prioritize research agendas; and determine ways to advance those research agendas.

Specifically, this conference will offer participants opportunities to: 1) develop white papers that identify future research priorities and that can form the basis for future research proposals; 2) build new collaborations among researchers across states and institutions; and 3) engage Extension educators in discussions about future research priorities related to shale gas development.

Conference participants will join one of four Working Groups to discuss priorities, needs and opportunities for future natural gas-related research. Working groups will focus on: 1) Changing Communities: Assessing social, economic and health impacts; 2) The Changing Landscape: Planning and designing for energy development; 3) The Changing Environment: Ensuring water and air quality; and 4) The Policy Environment: Evaluating policy management strategies for complex systems.

Registration fee is $120 through Tuesday, May 8; $140 from May 9 on. Registration fee includes meals but not lodging.

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2011 Marcellus Shale Multi-State Academic Research Conference



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