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Penn State has leading scholars and researchers working on many of the most critical areas of research related to shale energy development. Those faculty and professional staff are committed to extending science-based information to stakeholder groups including federal and state legislators, the natural gas industry, environmental organizations and the public. Contact MCOR to find an expert in the following areas:

Energy Development Technologies

  • Seismic data acquisition and modeling
  • Optimal well placement
  • Advances in drilling and hydraulic fracturing methods
  • Production innovations

Midstream Infrastructure

  • Pipeline assessments
  • Compressor stations
  • Raw material transport considerations (roads and railway)

Shale Energy Utilization Trends

  • Power generation
  • Manufacturing opportunities
  • Natural gas as a transportation fuel
  • Liquified natural gas exports
  • Overall energy market trends

Fluids Management

  • Water use for shale energy development
  • Fluids storage and transport
  • Produced fluid recycling, treatment, and disposal trends
  • Disposal well use

Environmental Considerations

  • Air quality
  • Water quality
  • Land surface/forest fragmentation/habitat impacts
  • Well pad restoration practices
  • Waste management
  • Well integrity

Business and Economics

  • Economic development
  • Economic impacts
  • Royalty estimation
  • Taxation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Workforce development and training

Social and Community Impacts

  • Stakeholder engagement and public education
  • Social license
  • Federal, state and local government policy
  • Land use planning
  • Quality of life
  • Legal implications
  • Landowner decision-making

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