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Penn State Marcellus Expertise

Media looking for expertise on Marcellus Shale-related topics can contact the following Penn State researchers. If the area of interest is not listed, please contact the Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research (MCOR) at 814-865-1587 or

Penn State Marcellus Expertise

Michael A. Arthur
Phone: 814-863-6054 (office); E-mail:
Expertise: Marcellus and Utica geology, seismic testing, hydraulic fracturing, naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) 
Thomas B. Murphy
Director, MCOR; Extension
Phone: 814-865-1587 (office); E-mail:
Cell: 570-916-0622
Expertise: Workforce, economic development, community impacts, workforce, agricultural impacts, water disposal 
David Yoxtheimer
Extension Associate, MCOR
Phone: 814-865-1587 (office); E-mail:
Expertise: Marcellus geology, water quality and testing, water management, hydraulic fracturing, alternative methods of hydraulic fracturing 
James Ladlee
Associate Director, MCOR; Director of Special Initiatives, Marcellus Shale Education and Training Center
Phone: 570-726-0022 (office); E-mail:
Cell: 814-470-3459
Expertise: Workforce education, training, economic development, community impacts
Ross Pifer
Director, Agricultural Law Resource and Reference Center, Penn State, Dickinson School of Law
Phone: 814-863-0194 (office); E-mail:
Expertise: Leasing, legal issues

Kathy Brasier
Rural Sociology, Extension
Phone: 814-865-7321 (office); E-mail:
Expertise: Short- and long-term social impacts of Marcellus Shale development on individuals, families, social institutions and communities; perceptions of risk

Margaret Brittingham
Wildlife Resources
Phone: 814-863-8442 (office); E-mail:
Expertise:Wildlife, forest fragmentation, land surface and land use change

Terry Engelder
Phone: 814-865-3620 (office); E-mail:
Expertise: Geology of the Appalachian Basin including Marcellus and other gas shales, methods of natural gas extraction, natural gas technologies, seismic testing, resource analysis

Bryan Swistock
Senior Extension Associate, Penn State
Phone: 814-863-0194 (office); E-mail:
Expertise: Water quality, water testing strategies, water disposal and processing, private drinking water supplies

Seth Blumsack
Energy Policy and Economics; Co-Director, Penn State Energy and Environmental Economics and Policy Initiative
Phone: 814-863-7597 (office); E-mail:
Expertise: Resource economics; input-output models for economic development; energy markets

Jon Laughner
Extension director, Beaver County
Phone: 724-774-3003 (office); E-mail:
Cell: 724-333-5765
Expertise: Economic development, community impacts, supply chain, workforce
Diane McLaughlin
Rural Sociology and Demography
Phone: 814-863-8626 (office); E-mail:
Expertise: Socioeconomic effects of Marcellus Shale development on families and communities
Dave Messersmith
Extension educator, Wayne County
Phone: 570-253-5970, ext. 4110 (office); E-mail:
Expertise: Pipeline siting, regulations; gas leasing and landowner considerations




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