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  • New data released by the Energy Information Administration show renewable energy became the second highest source of electricity in the United States behind natural gas in 2020. Wind, hydroelectric, solar, biomass and geothermal combined accounted for 834 billion kilowatt hours, or about 21% of all power generation in 2020. Natural gas still leads as the nation’s top source of electricity, generating 1,617 kWh last year, or about 40% of U.S. power generation. The new figures can be found here:
  • The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection recently released its 2020 Oil and Gas Annual Report which can be found here:
    In 2020 total unconventional gas production in Pennsylvania continued to increase to 7.1 trillion cubic feet, compared to 6.8 trillion cubic feet in 2019. This report provides highlights on well permitting and drilling activity, well site inspections, compliance and enforcement statistics, department accomplishments and future regulatory initiatives related to both conventional and unconventional oil and gas development in Pennsylvania.

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