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Penn State University and the Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research have been at the forefront of shale energy development providing educational programs to thousands of Pennsylvania residents, elected officials, landowners and business groups as well as engaging in research to promote the protection of Pennsylvania’s water and environmental resources from adverse impacts of resource extraction.


TOP Courses for Regulators and Policymakers (TOPCORP) is an educational consortium composed of The Pennsylvania State University, University of Texas at Austin, and the Colorado School of Mines. Faculty work together to create and provide free training courses in oil and gas technologies for professionals working in a variety of energy related careers. The goals of the project are to increase the knowledge base of inspectors, through a science-based, blended learning environment, including online and field based experiences across multiple states. 94% of all participants would recommend the course to a colleague!   For additional information contact Jim Ladlee at

TOPCORP Inaugural Class

“It is important to understand the basic processes that take place in oil and gas development to be able to perform your job as a regulator”

“…field trips were excellent and provided the necessary real-world applications for the information presented in the classroom”






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